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Family Histories/Genealogies

The following is a list of family names that have genealogical data contained in the family histories titles that follow.  Heritage Hall does not have staff to conduct research, but patrons are welcome to use these resources in the reading room.


Aakster - Hendrik Aakster [Dutch]. Undated

Abbinga See: Miedema Family History

Abrahamse - An Abrahamse Family History, August 1978 (later Arlon)

Achter Klaas Hilberts Achter. Parenteel van Klaas Hilberts Achter, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Acterhof Jacob Acterhof

Alberda - The New World Descendants and Old World Ancestors of Machiel Alberda, 1994

Albers See: Van Zoeren, Gerrit

Alderink - Alderink and Masselink Godeke: A Goodly Heritage, 1985

Alderink - Fragments United, by Denise Alderink, 1988

Alfers - Bernard and Henry B. Alfers

Algera/Algra Gielt Aelgera. Descendants of the Algera/Algra Friesan Family, 1425-1955, Volumes I and II

Andre - Hiram Rosing Andre. Andre’s Crossing, 1977

Anema - Being a Compilation of Anema Families and Individuals Everywhere, Volumes I and II (1986), Volumes I, II, and III (1987)

Anjewierden See: Torringa: Een oud Ommelander geslacht [Dutch]

Annema Descendants from Tjeerd Annes and Leelke Tabes (and some additional Frisian families with the Annema name), ca.1997

Antvelink - Family Trees, by Elaine Antvelink–Watterson, 1982

Arens - Jan Harm Arens. Prussian Colonist, and Immigrant Descendants, 1750-1967

Arnesman See: Wierenga, Jacob. Narratives of Family History, Johannes Arnesman

Aukema John and Grace (Jaarsma) Aukema. Our Family Story by Grace Aukema Roossien [2007]

Baaij Frans Fransz Baaij. Register Report, compiled by Paul V. Pettinga, [2008]; The Baaij Genealogy by Virginia Voskuil Bouma, [2010]

Baarda See: Baerdt to Prins, 1440-1978, by Edward Prins

Baarschers - Genealogie Baarschers, by D. Stegeman, 1986 [Dutch]

Baerdt Baerdt/Baarda, 1440-1930; Risselada/Sluiter, 1580-1997; Risselada/Prins, 1580-1977 by Edward Prins

Baert Georg Baert. De Familie Baert uit Zeeland by George Ramsay, 1991

Bakelaar Jan Bakelaar. Family of Goedereede/Overflakkee, compiled by John Koole, 2009

Bakker - Jan and Jacomijntije Tanis Bakker. Undated

Bandstra - [Dutch and English], undated

Bandstra - The Life and Family History of Paulus and Geertje Bandstra, 1733-1992

Bareman - Bareman, Leendert. Family History, by Judy Bareman, 1980

Bareman Bareman, Peter. Family Record of Peter Bareman, dated 1912

Bartelsman - Bartelsman Family Genealogy, Volume 1-8, by Joop Bartelsman, 1894-1982

Baum My Very Own Roots, by Jim Baum, 1980

Becksvoort Becksvoort, Geert [George]. See: Pieter Hoving

Beerends Jan Beerends. Family Record, [1998]

Beintema Tjebbe Meinderts Beintema. Groeten Uit Amerika (4), Emigranten uit Dantumadeel en Dongeradeel, by Kor Postma, [2008]

Bekkering Hendrik Jacob Bekkering. Undated

Belanus - Genealogy of the Family of Belanus, and Margaret Belanus on her 90th Birthday, 1982

Belanus - See: de Waal Malefyt, Vol. 2

Beld The Beld Story, by Grace Albertha Beld Vander Veen, 1984

Beltman Assien Beltman. Beltman Birth Analysis, 1882-1902

Benjaminse - A. J. Benjaminse. Undated

Bennink Bernard John Bennink (1864-1947). See: Manuscript Collection #374

Benthem Benthem Family History, by Edith Bain, undated

Berg - Jacob R. Berg, (2), undated

Berghorst Geert Jans Berghorst. Parenteel van Geert Jans Berghorst, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Bergsma - Sijmen Bergsma. Sijmen and Siemkje Bergsma Family from Achlum, Netherlands, by Robert L. DeBruin, 2000

Berkhof Dena Joldersma Heyns Berkhof. The Story of My Life, [1973]

Berkel Jan Hendriks Berkel. Descendants of Jan Hendriks Berkel, compiled by Richard Harms, 2010

Beukema - Four Centuries, Boijkema, Beukema, Buikema, by J. O. Beukema and R. J. Beukema, 1998

Beukema Vier Eeuwen, Boijkema, Beukema, Buikema, by J.O. Beukema te Schoorl en R.J. Beukema te Amstelveen, 1998

Beukema - Auke Beukema. Sheep Shenanigans, by Alvin Beukema, 2006 [see: BX 6843 .B48 A3 2008]

Beukema - Jan Beukema. From Windmills to the Windy City, the Beukema Family History, Volume I and II, 1990

Beukema - See: Johnson: The Genealogy and Memories of Effie Beukema

Beukema See: Peterson: Peterson Family History, The Descendants of Berent Jacobs [Pietersen] ancestor of John B. Peterson, updated 2016

Beuker - Bernard Johan Beuker [Dutch and English]. Undated

Beuker - Beuker-Robbert. Undated

Beute - Een groot geslacht afkomstig uit de Kop van Overijssel [Dutch], by J. Hospers, undated (genealogy begins with Harmem Beute, born 1744 at Wanneperveen)

Bijker - Wybe Jans Bijker. Descendants of Wybe Jans Bijker, 1998

Bij ‘t Werk/ Eppe Hindriks and Anje Jacobs. Family Tree of Bij ‘t Werk, Bytwrk, and Bytwork.

Bytwerk/ Compiled Annemarie bij ‘t Werk


Binnema ATale of Four Families: Binnema, Mulder, Kapteyn, Zijlstra, by Jacob Hendrik Binnema, 2000

Bisschop - The Bisschop Family Immigration to Canada August, 1949, by Brian Schoon, 1988

Bisschop Hendrik Jacobs Bisschop. Parenteel van Hendrik Jacobs Bisschop, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Blacquiere - The Blacquieres, by Mary Blacquiere, 1980

Bloemert Jan Geerlings Bloemert. Parenteel van Jan Geerlings Bloemert, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Blohm - Blohm/Kleinow Family Roots of Yesterday, 1850-1980 by Penni Blohm

Blom - See: de Waal Malefyt, Vol. 2

Blom My Story, by Nancy DeVries Blom, 1982

Boddeus Cornelius Boddeus. Jan Engelhard. Family history. See also: Four Frisian Families, by Thomas Holwerda, 2008,

Bode Gerrit Bode. Bode Family History: Ancestors and Descendants of Gerrit Bode and Clara Van Schuur, by Robert W. Bode, 2001

Bode - My Family History, by Karen Bode, 1980

Boeing - Jobst (Jost) Bőing. “Boeing,” compiled Heinz Bőing, undated

Boelema - Jan Boelema. Compiled by Helen Boelema, undated

Boelkins Jan Klaasens Boelkins. Early Boelkins in America, by Winston Boelkins, 2002; includes a letter from L.T. Boelkins and Martje J. Nieuwenhuis to relatives in the Netherlands, 1860

Boer - The Boer Family, undated

Boer/Veninga Wiebe Boer. Elsiena Veninga. Family history, [folder 1 contains index, folder 2 contains genealogy], undated

Boerkoel - My Grandfather’s Immigration, by Robert Boerkoel, 1986

Boerman The Descendants of Klaas Boerman of Allegan County, Michigan, undated

Boersema - See: Bouwsma: Three Dutch Families in Old Muskegon

Boersma Autobiography of Albert J. Boersma, In the School of the Master, 1971

Boersma - Marcus and Martina Schans Boersma, 1993

Boerwinkle - Hendrick Boerwinkle (Boerwinkel) [German], undated

Boeskool Henry Boeskoel. Family tree.

Boessenkool Berend Jans Boessenkool. Parenteel van Berend Jans Boessenkool, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Boessenkool J.A. (Harry) Boessenkool and Joanne Boessenkool (Tuininga). Stability, Chaos and Opportunity: Our Story, 2018

Boeve - Information on Sir Beues of Hamtoun [German and English], undated

Boezeman John and Marie (Hooites) Boezeman. The John Boezeman Family, The Story of John and Marie (Hooites) Boezeman, by Judith Kay Hoffman, 1996

Boijckema Jan Boijckem. Descendants of Jan Boijckema and Courtjen Rijpkes, undated

Boijckema See: Deckinga: The Families of Otto Deckinga and Marie Jager; see also: Bruins and Peters; Stoepker and (Freerks) Pieters; and Mennes and Westerloo

Boijkema - See: Beukema: Four Centuries, Boijkema, Beukema, Buikema

Bol - Family information for the Bols who immigrated to the US and their descendents, compiled by Petronella, 1992

Boldewijn Albert Boldewijn. Parenteel van Albert Boldewijn, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Bolier - We Came To America 1892: The Bolier Family, by Marinus Bolier, 1952

Bolks Rev. Seine Bolks–Patriarch of Northwest Iowa, by Nelson Nieuwenhuis, undated

Bolt - Arent Bolt Family. Staying Connected, Family Reunion, 2008

Bolt - Ewe Bolt, by John Bolt, 1980

Bolt - Genealogie van Jan Everts Bolt [Dutch and English], 1990

Bonenberg Jan Bonenberg. Various genealogical documents, undated

Bonnema Luitjes Derks Bonnema. The Bonnema Family, 2009

Bonnema Martin Bonnema. The Story of Martin Bonnema, 1881-1964, compiled and written by James Andrew Bonnema, 2007

Boogaard Boogaard-Tilma Family

Boomsliter Boomsliter

Boon - See: Zwemer: Genealogy and History of the Zwemer–Boon Family, 1932

Boonstra Atze Klazes Boonstra. De Familie Boonstra uit Friesland, by George Ramsay, 1991

Boonstra Harry and Thelma Boonstra. Our Journey Together, The Story of Harry and Thelma Boonstra, written by Harry Boonstra, 2016

Borduin - See: de Waal Malefyt, Vol. 2

Borgers Family of Albert Borgers (1804-1876)

Borgman - Researched and compiled by Arlene Brummel Bloem, undated

Bos - See: Elferink, John Hendrik, The Dutchman from Driene, by Jenny Elferink Bos, 1976

Bos See: Gerrit Jan Sprik: Hypo F. Bos

Bos Harry Bos and Sena (Klanderman) Family, by Carol Faber

Bosch - The John Albert Bosch Story, 1868-1949, edited by Gerald Bosch, 1988

Bosgraaf Bosgraaf Family Tree

Bos-Hoving - 50-jarig Huwelijk van Lubbert en Ida Bos–Hoving [Dutch], 1954

Bosker - The Family of John and Effie Ter Bergh Bosker, 2001

Bosker Peter Bosker and Antje VanderVeen (family Bible information), undated

Bosma - See: Jeltes, J. S.: Bosma Genealogy, Story of the Life of Jans Simons Jeltes and His Wife Eelje

Boss See: Jongsma/Solle and Boss/Roelfsma

Botting - Abraham Botting [Dutch], 1990

Bouma - Derk Bouma. Bouma Family Tree, undated

Bouma - Gaele Doekes and Susan Brouwer Bouma, 1740-1977

Bouma - Henry Bouma: A Man with a Dual Heritage, Shelayne Bouma, 1986

Bouma Minke Thomas Bouma. Groeten Uit Amerika (12), Emigranten uit Dantumadeel en Dongeradeel by Kor Postma, [2008]

Bouma Otto Pieter Bouma Genealogy, undated

Bouma - Peter Libbe Bouma and Baukje DeVries. The History of the Bouma Family, by Robert Bolt, 1980

Bouma Peter Libbe Bouma and Baukje DeVries. The History and Memoirs of Peter L. Bouma and Boukje DeVries, by Gerben Bouma

Bouma Sipke Klases Bouma. The Bouma Family Genealogy: Descendents of Sipke Klases (Bouma), by Virginia Voskuil Bouma, [2010]

Bouwkamp - Jacob and Flora (Vander Molen) Bouwkamp. Bouwkamp Family Tree, 1994

Bouwman See: Gerrit Jan Sprik: Anton Bouwman

Bouwman - Hendrikus Bouwman. The Bouwman Families, compiled by Judith Ann (nee Wassenaar) Bouwman, undated

Bouwmeester Jan Bouwmeester. Parenteel van Jan Bouwmeester, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Bouws - John R Bouws. The Bouws—Genealogy and Recollections, researched by J. Russel Bouws, compiled by Mary Hathaway, 1988

Bouwsma - Three Dutch Families in Old Muskegon, Evert Bouwsma, Jan M. Boersema, Sander Klooster, 1998

Boven - Boven Dutch Apple Pie: The Story of Boven Emigration to the United States, by John Henry Boven and Carol Gohsman Boven, 1995

Bovendam Jan Klaas Bovendam I. Parenteel van Jan Klaas Bovendam I compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Braat Our Pioneer Days in Minnesota, by Gertrude A. Braat Vandergon. See: [F606 .V3]

Branderhorst - William Branderhorst. Branderhorst Meets Van der Beek, 1981

Branderhorst - Gerrit Branderhorst. Descendants of Gerrit Branderhorst, undated

Brandsema - Hendrik Brandsema. From Here to There, by Maria Brandsema, 1988

Brandsen Brandsen, Brand Family, 1590-2003, compiled by Mary DeKoekkoek and Dennis DeKoekkoek

Brandt Abraham Brandt Family Tree, undated

Braschler - Family History: Braschler History, undated

Brashler Cornelius Brashler. Brashler Family History. The Descendants of Heinrich Braschler, ancestor of Cornelius Braschler, 1858-1901 (including surnames of Brashler, Braschler, DeJong, deWitte, Gouwens, Hoogheim, Masmeyer, Oldemans, Plak, Swets, Timmer, vander Mey, and Witte), compiled by Lenore Brashler, 2016

Brat - See: Manuscript Coll. 355: Dirk Dirksz

Bratt - Celebrating 125 years: Bratts in America, 1876-2001

Bratt - Who’s Who in the Brat[t] Relation, by Hero D. Bratt

Bredeweg Genealogies Related Through Driesje Bredeweg, Wife of Gerrit Essenburg

Breen - The Genealogy of Kryn and Nellie Visser Breen and Their Descendants, 1979

Bremer Genealogy of Arend Andries Bremer, 2004

Brink - Ben and Jennie Brink. Genealogy of Bernardus (Ben) Brink and Jennie (Adriana) Vanden Bos Brink, 1984

Brink Christiaan Klaassens Brink [1778-1843]. Descendants of Christiaan Klaassens Brink family information, by Richard Harms

Brinkhuis - Jan Brinkhuis. The New World Descendants and The Old World Ancestors of Jan Brinkhuis, compiled by Donna Drost Anema, 1994

Brinkman The History of the Brinkman and Related Friesian Families

Brinks Harm Geerts Zwijn (Brinks). Brinks Genealogy, compiled by Gladys Mys Van Tuinen, 2009

Brinks - Familie Brinks [Dutch], undated

Brinks - The Roelof H. Brinks Family in America, 1995

Brinks - Rutgert Brinks. Brinks Family History and Records, 1794-1934

Broek - The Broek and Jonker Families of Holland, Michigan and Provinces Overijssel and Groningen, by Rev. Dirk Broek, revised by Howard Windolph Broek, 1993

Broekhuis Roelof Broekhuis Genealogy

Broekman Derk and Angenietje Broekman. Family Group information

Broene Geert Broene (1838-1919). See: Manuscript Collection #345

Brondyke - Brondyke Genealogy, by Ron Buursma, 1983

Brondyke - Why Am I Here? by Mart Brondyke, 1980

Bronsema Jakob Bron[t]sema, undated

Broodman Jacob Broodman. Family information

Brouwer Aart Brouwer. Children of Aaltje Broekhuis and Aart Brouwer, undated

Brouwer Arend Brouwer. Parenteel van Arend Brouwer (ook Tiemens), compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Brouwer Arend Roelof Brouwer. Family information, taken from Otto Van Dijk genealogy

Brouwer Geert Brouwer. Parenteel van Geert Brouwer, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Brouwer - See: Groenewold: My Family Roots, by Gary D. Groenewold

Brouwer Klass H Brouwer. Brouwer Genealogy, undated

Brouwer - Koob Brouwer. They Left a Mark: A History of the Koob Brouwer Family, 1970

Brouwer - List of Records Linked to Ancestors and Descendants of Susan Brouwer Bouma, undated

Brouwer - Nicholas Brouwer. Wortels, by Steve Brouwer, 1980

Brouwer - Willem Brouwer. History of our Family Record as Much as I Could Obtain or Recall, by Jas. A. Brouwer, 1936

Brower - Gerrit J. Brower. Family Register of Gerrit J. Brower, Sr., 1934

Brown Francis Brown. Descendants of Francis Brown of Virginia, The Virginia Ancestor Series, Volume XI, Edition 4, by Carol A. Hauk, 1996

Bruin - Pieter and Cornelia Bruin, 1990

Bruins Berent Bruins. Descendants of Berent Bruins and Anje Pieters, undated

Bruins See: Deckinga: The Families of Otto Deckinga and Marie Jager; see also: Boijckema and Rijpkes; Mennes and Waterloo; and Stoepker and Grietje

Bruins - Derk Bruins. Unto the Sixth Generation: Descendants of Derk and Cynthia Bruins, 1865-1990, edited by Elton J. Bruins, 1990

Bruins - Derk Bruins. Into the Third Millenium: The Derk and Cynthia Bruins Family, 1865-2002, edited by Elton J. Bruins, 2002

Bruins - Hendrik Bruins. The Bruins Family of Alto, Wisconsin, Historical and Genealogical Data Relating to the Family of Hendrik VanWechel Bruins and their Descendants, 1750-1980), edited by Elton J. Bruins, 1980

Bruins - Hendrik Bruins. The Hendrick and Hendrika Bruins Family in America, 1847-1997, edited by Elton J. Bruins, 1997

Bruinsma See: Jelgar Jacobs Miedema. Miedema Family History

Brummel - Lammert Brummel. The Brummel Tree, undated

Brummel Lambert Brummel. The Lambert Derx Brummel Genealogy, by Luann B. DeVries, undated

Brunsting - The Brunsting Family Book, 1700-1991

Brunsting - The Brunsting Family Chart, 1994

Buddingh - Dr. G. J. Buddingh Family, undated

Buikema - An Immigration Story: As Seen through the Eyes of an Immigrant’s Daughter by Marsha Buikema, (John G. Buist), 1986

Buikema See: Wierenga–Narratives of Family History: Luitje Buikema

Buikema - See: Beukema: Four Centuries, Boijkema, Beukema, Buikema

Buis Parenteel van Femmigje Buis (Jacob), compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Buist - John G Buist Family History, by Pam Buist, 1980

Buist Buist Ancestors (related families: Mulder, Tiesma, Westveer, Speyer, Sietsema, Berends, and Eising) by Richard Harms, 2014

Buist - See: Zylstra Peter Gerrit: Cousins and the Study of a Heritage: Zylstra Buist Kuzee

Buizer See: Ben Henricks and Ann Buizer family history, 1983

Bult - John Bult. A Family History, by David Bult, 1980

Bulthuis - Abel Bulthuis, undated

Bulthuis Genealogie Bulthuis, 1650-1842, by W. Tsj. Vleer, [1957]

Bulthuis Peter Bulthuis (1924-2004). Ka mo ter wou: It’s me your dad, by Peter Bulthuis, 1994

Bultman Bultman Family History, by Melanie Scott, 2005

Bultsma Hendrik and Jantje (Boltjes) Bultsma. Hendrik Bultsma Family and other Bultsma relatives worldwide, compiled by Paul Bultsma and Rene Bultsma Lunders, 2011

Bus - The Story of My Life, by Siewert Bus, 1854 – 1938

Busch - See: de Waal Malefyt, Vol. 1

Buter - Gezinus Buter. Op Zoek Naar het Voorgeslacht and De Familienaam Buter [Dutch], undated

Büter - Hindrik Buter. Chronik der Familie Büter (Veldgaar) [Dutch], 1985

Buteyn - John Buteyn. 1993: The Family of John Buteyn and Dena Kamphuis Buteyn. Also Buteyn, 1700-1996

Buth - Claes Jorisz Buth. Het Geslacht Buth [Dutch], 1951

Buunk - My Dutch Heritage, by Pam Keizer, 1986

Buursma - Hemme Tjallings Buursma. Buursma Genealogy, compiled by Ron Buursma, 1982. Additions, 2007

Buwalda Abraham Paulus Buwalda. Groeten Uit Amerika (8), Emigranten uit Dantumadeel en Dongeradeel, by Kor Postma, [2008]

Byker Ancestors of Gaylen J. Byker

Catts - Cornelius Cats. The History and Family Tree of Cornelius Cat(t)s and Jeltje Bouwma, 1975

Cevaal Jan Cevaal. Male Descendants of Jan Cevaal, [2011?]

Claus Petrus Josephus Claus and Maria Catharina Sirjacobs Friesian Family (2 files)

Clausing Dirk Clausing and Anna Maria Kiel. Clausing Family, and family genealogy

Cnossen – Upka Jahannis Knossen. Cnossen – Knossen History of a Frisian Family II,

Knossen 2018 by Cnossen – Knossen Family Foundation

Compaan Pieter Compaan. Descendants of Pieter and Aaltje Compaan

Compagner Arent Compagner. Parenteel van Arent Arents (Compagner), compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Compagner William/Willem Compagner Family Chart

Cook Edward Cook (Kok). Family Tree of Edward Cook and His Wife Marion Grace Harkema, undated

Cooper Derk Cooper. Family Group information

Cooper - Hermanus Cooper. An Account of Herman Cooper (Kuiper) Who Settled in Coopersville, Michigan in 1879

Cooyman - See: Kooiman: Het Westfriese Geslacht Kooiman [Dutch], 1977

Coster Jan Arends Coster. Parenteel van Jan Arends Coster, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Coster Jan Bartelds Coster. Parenteel van Jan Bartelds Coster, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Couzynse - Pedigree chart of Robert Jay Couzynse, 1985

Crap - Sieds Theunis Crap. From Provincial Frisian Newspaper, March 28, 1847

Crediet Harmen Jans Crediet. Parenteel van Harmen Jans Crediet, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

Dahm - Hendrick Jan Dam, The Whole Da(h)m Family, 1981

Dalhuijsen Jan Dalhuijsen. Descendants of Jan Dalhuijsen, undated

Dalhuisen Jan Taback Dalhuisen. Descendants of Jan Taback Dalhuisen, undated

Dalmollen - See: Fox: Roelof Fox

Dam(e) Klaas Pieters Dam. Descendants of Klaas Pieters Dam, compiled by Carl Veenstra, 2007

Danhof(f) Tracing Emigrants from the Province of Groningen, Netherlands in the U.S., by Sharon Danhof Carpenter

Daverman - Harmannus Daverman. Descendants of Harmannus Daverman, by Robert J Daverman, 2000. Addendum by Cornelis Van Nuis, 2007

DeBlaay Sarah DeBlaay. DeBlaay Family Record, by Joe Noorthoek, 1944

De Blieck - Marinus De Blieck, undated

De Boer - Abraham Everts DeBoer. Deboer–Bosma and Allied Families, researched and compiled by Marilyn Brouwer Vineyard, 1991

De Boer - Anne and Tine DeBoer. A Man Named Anne, 1992

De Boer James De Boer. Once Upon a Time, by Bess Figel

De Boer Peter P. De Boer. Mission Nearly Impossible: Richard H. Pousma, the Rehoboth Hospital, and Controversy on the Indian Mission Field, 2001. See: Manuscript Collection # 515

De Boer - Syste Wobbes. A Short History of Friesland, a province of the Nethelands and the Sietze Wietse De Boer Genealogy, prepared by Hendrik DeBoer, 1985

De Braal - John (Jan) H. Bosma. Compiled by E. Daniel de Braal, undated

Deckinga Otto Deckinga. The Families of Otto Deckinga and Marie Jager, undated; (CD) Family of Otto Decking and Marie Jager, 2007

Deckinga See also: Boijckema & Rijpkes; Berent Bruins & Anje Peters; Pieter Pieters Stoepker & Grietje (Freerks) Pieter; Roelf Mennes & Foske Lubberts Westerloo

Deelstra Pieter Deelstra and Ytje Spoelstra. Familiegeschiedenis. By Jan Deelstra, 2015

De Fouw De Fouw Genealogy, researched by Janet Sheeres, 2005

De Graaf - Family History, by Julie de Graaf, undated

De Groot Adriaan de Groot. The de Groot Family Genealogy: Descendants of Adriaan (de Groot), by Virginia Voskuil Bouma, [2010]

De Groot - Fred DeGroot Sr. Golden Anniverary Memoirs: De Groot Family 1904-1953, 1954, De Groot Family Memoirs 1963, and The De Groot Family 1973

De Groot Hendrik Jans de Groot. Parenteel van Hendrik Jans de Groot, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

De Haan Foppe (Frank) De Haan. See Four Frisian Families, by Thomas Holwerda, 2008

De Haan Jan DeHaan. De Haan Family: 125 Years in Michigan, by Edward Prins, 1974; and Index, 2002

De Haan Hendrik de Haan. Parenteel van Hendrik de Haan, compiled by Willem Kappe, 2010

De Haan Henrietta De Haan [Gerrit], by Ellen Alderink, 2003

DeHaan Wopke Hoekes DeHaan. Groeten Uit Amerika (5), Emigranten uit Dantumadeel en Dongeradeel, by Kor Postma, [2008]

De Haan - See: de Waal Malefyt, Vol. 2

De Hog - The Immigration of Connie De Hog, by Mary Blaine, 1986

De Jong Aize Thomas De Jong. The Family History of Friesian Aize Thomas De Jong, 1816-1872, ca 1978

De Jong - Berend De Jong. The Berend De Jong Famiy: 100 Years in America, 1882-1982

De Jong Fooke de De Jong [De Groot]. The de Jong Family Genealogy: Descendants of Fooke de Jong, by Virginia Voskuil Bouma, 2010

De Jong Frank De Jong (1900-1993). See: Manuscript Collection #46

De Jong - Jan Klaas De Jong. De Memoires fan Klaas de Jong [Frisian], undated

De Jong - Peter Y. De Jong. A Few Leaves: The Peter Y. and Joanne H. Heyns De Jong Family, 1999. See also: As I Remember It, by Joanne Heyns De Jong, Coll. 49

De Jong - See: Schaapman: Schaapman and De Jong

De Jong Wika De Jong. Grandma’s Memoirs, undated

De Jong William and Elizabeth Busman De Jong. The DeJong/Busman Family, 2003

De Jonge - Getuigschrift van Verandering van Werkelijke Woonplaats [Dutch], undated

De Jonge - Jan De Jonge. Family Register, 1956

De Jonge Jan De Jonge and Paula Moerman. Family tree, undated

De Jonge Marinus De Jonge. De Jonge family tree, undated

De Jongh - Hendrik De Jongh. De Jongh and Allied Families: Genealogy and History in Europe and America, 1934

De Jongh - Klass Johannes De Jongh. De Jongh Van Schylge info [Dutch], undated

Dekens Jan Dekens. [Ancestry of] Engel Dekens and Antje (Anna) Kramer, by Andrea Dekens Cowser, undated

De Kleine - Derk De Kleine. Derk De Kleine and His Descendants: 100 Years in America by William De Kleine, 1956

De Kok Franzes Daniel and Cornelia Ada (De Vries) De Kok. That Ye May Tell, compiled by Muriel Jean Oostenink, 1971

De Koeyer Johannes De Koeyer. [From Otto G. Van Dyk genealogy.]

De Kok - Jacob De Kok. Speurtocht in het Verleden: Kwartierstaat van Jacob de Kok en Maria Vereeke, 1983

De Kraker Adrian De Kraker, 1849- 1904

De Kruyter Johannes De Kruyter. Descendants of Johannes (Joe) De Kruijter, complied by Kees (Cornelis Jacobus) de Kruijter, 2010

De Leeuw - Pieter De Leeuw. The De Leeuw Family History, by Hermine Terpstra, 1993

De Long - William DeLange. The De Long Family (DeLange), 1976

Den Besten - Cornelius and Huibertje Den Besten, undated

Den Besten Corneilius DenBesten. Margaret (DenBesten, VanWyk) De Lange, a South Dakota Pioneer, by Betty Vander Zee, 1977

Den Blyker - Den Blyker Family, on microfilm

Den Harder Christian Den Herder. Life Sketch of Myself, by Jacob Den Herder, typed and donated by Susan Conde

Den Hartigh/ Jan Pouwelse. Genealogy of den Hartigh/Hartogh, 1997

Den Hartogh

Den Hartigh Jan, Pieter, Ary, and Simon den Hartigh. Genealogy of den Hartigh, compiled by M. den Hartigh, 1997

Den Hartigh Eliza and Pieter den Hartigh (twins) genealogy, compiled by Giel den Hartigh

Den Hartog Den Hartog (Hartley) genealogy

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